The SB in SB Retouch

Steven Burnette is a Retoucher based in Mount Vernon, New York with over 10 years of professional experience working with a worldwide clientele. A Pratt Institute alumnus with a traditional art background, which translates to a unique perspective and understanding when working with images. Specializing in beauty, fashion, lifestyle and digital manipulation.

“I pride myself on being dependable and very passionate about what I do. I work very hard to deliver quality results. I want those who work with me to feel confident when they leave it in my hands. For me it's very important to keep everything as stress free as possible for you.“

  • So What Are They Saying ?
    Mr. Burnette's extreme attention to detail and ability to achieve exactly what is asked for is what sets him apart. His work really speaks for itself.
    - John Mavroidis

  • So What Are They Saying ?
    Very nicely done! Thank you. I will be using you in the future, and will recommend you to others !
    - Jeffries Thaiss (Actor)

  • So What Are They Saying ?
    Really love the work, clean & still look very natural !
    - Alfretz Costelo (Actor)

The Process & What to Expect
After you send your first message using the contact form on this page, you can expect an email response within a few hours (If you're spamming, then expect a response on Nevermber 31st). The email response that you would receive will request at minimum some good quality jpeg versions of your images. Your specific project will then be evaluated and your questions will be answered.

For the actual retouching work, RAW files are favored (if available).

Rates will vary depending on your specific project and requirements.

Get in touch and inquire to get started.

Introduce Yourself. Yes, really :)

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